More about the features to look for in a new camera

Here is another article with some more information on what to look for in a digital camera. Please keep in mind that although this article was written just back in October it mentions 2-3 mega pixel camera as being good for printing. I am not sure that we can even find that small a mega […]

Get the most out of your photography part two or two

In part one of this two part series we got a chance to learn about F stops. In this section we get to learn a little bit more, this time about shutter speeds. In part 1 of: Get the most out of your camera, we looked at how to use the aperture and the creative […]

Get the most out of your photography Part one of two

All digital cameras come with options to shoot different scenes but my new Kodak digital camera also had features that only SLRs used to have and that is the use of F stops as well as selectable shutter speeds. I have always been interested in this kind of thing so I hopped onto the internet […]

A buyers guide to digital cameras

I have posted a lot of reviews of digital cameras but have now found a great buyers guide to digital Cameras as well. When you are out there shopping everyone tries to balance megapixels, sharpness, modes, scene settings, shutter response time, and of course price. There are a ton of companies offering Digital Cameras from […]

How to buy an MP3 player

I have been searching around a bit for an MP3 player and to this point have been using my trusty Tungsten E. Here is a great article on what to look for in a MP3 player. If you’ve just decided that right now is the right time to purchase an MP3 player then you might […]

Sexual Enhancement Products

Sexual Enhancement products are big business and that is because as the baby boomers have begun to age they have realized that the issues that their parents have run into are issues that they themselves are running into now. The mere fact that the millions of baby boomers are reaching an age when their sexual […]

Sony DCR-DVD403 3MP DVD Handycam Camcorder

Guess what? Christmas is almost here and if you want to really take advantage of all of the family memories then you will want to make sure that you have a Sony DCR-DVD403 camcorder to make these memories last forever. Product Description Now you can make videos that sound as great as they look. The […]

Canon Powershot A610 5MP Digital Camera

Here is a great newer digital camera that has had a big price drop just in time for Christmas. All of the features you expect from a Canon Digital camera and more shooting modes to boot! Features: 20 shooting modes including My Color settings for customization while shooting Powered by 4 AA-size batteries; stores images […]

Canon Powershot A520 4MP Digital Camera

This best selling Canon Camera is the top seller at Amazon right now and will be under a lot of trees come Christmas morning. The features include; 4 MegaPixels, 4 times zoom and the great Canon digital quality that we have all come to expect. Features: Print/Share button for easy direct printing and downloads, plus […]